The Made In America Store Introduces Kitchen & Bath Towels In New Colors

Elma, New York (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

The 100% US manufactured Towels come from a company called Chima and they have brought some new variations to their already hot selling products. The Face Cloths, Hand Towels and High Pile Towels now come in different colors.

Save and create American jobs by supporting U.S. manufacturing, the Made In America Store.

Chima introduces three new colors of towels to help match more bathroom setups and tastes. Initially, consumers that visited the Made In America Store only had the option of white in the Chima Towels but now have access to Beige, Brown and Sage. Only the Hand Towels, Face Cloths and High Pile Towels come in the multiple colors.

Finding products with the Made In America seal is hard but finding products that use American made components to manufacture it as 100% American made is a whole different story said Made In America Stores Vice President, Daniel Andol. We require a letter of authenticity stating where each component comes from to produce our products. If they arent all from the United States, we ask them to work with us to find a manufacturer that can make these components. If they wont work with us or cant find a manufacturer, we have to drop the product.

Currently the Made In America Store offers Bath Towels (High Pile Towels), Hand Towels, Face Cloths and Golf Towels that will compliment any golfers game.

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Anything that plugs into an electric outlet, were (The Made In America Store) having an issue finding. States Made In America Stores Vice President, Daniel Andol. We have found Mens Underwear and a lot of Baby Products that we once thought were impossible to get, so keep in touch. You never know what were going to add!

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