The Mobilegeddon That Wasn't. What Happened?

The Mobilegeddon That Wasn't. What Happened?
This led scores of sites to rapidly secure their sites. Yes, a good idea. Google wants a more secure Web. Yet that update had a barely perceptible impact on rankings as well. A better mobile Web is in Google's best interest. It wants users on the …
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Whither the PC? Mobes, slabs drive majority of traffic for top news sites
Most of the top news websites get more traffic from handheld gadgets than desktop computers – a not-so-shocking result that serves to underline the soaring sales of phones, and possibly the emergence of today's clickbaity 30-second-attention-span media.
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Recreation: Surfing the web for Utah outdoor fun
As Memorial Day and the summer travel season approach, here are some essential websites for planning summer outdoor adventures in Utah or other parts of the United States. • This site is the best place to make advance …
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