The Move Eat Treat Health Summit – Improving Education for Healthcare Professionals

The Move Eat Treat Health Summit – Improving Education for Healthcare Professionals
Event on 2013-11-27 09:00:00

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." – Thomas A. Edison

About the Summit


The inaugural Move Eat Treat Health Summit- Improving Education for Healthcare Professionals is taking place on the 27th of November, in partnership with the University College London Institute for Sport, Exercise & Health (UCL ISEH) and the University College London Physical Activity Research Group (UCL PARG).

The Summit’s primary aim is to improve education for healthcare professionals on areas such as physical activity, nutrition and behavioural change techniques. We plan to do this by bringing together people who share the common goal of improving the health of our nation through proactive healthcare. Delegates at the Summit will include leaders from the world of medical education and clinical practice, alongside exercise medicine and nutritional experts.

The agenda for the day takes an unconventional route. We will guide the sharing of knowledge, ideas, resources and contacts throughout the day, stimulating and facilitating productive conversation and helping to build cross-disciplinary collaborations between individuals. Every person attending the Summit will be encouraged to be an active participant and will have the opportunity to voice their experiences and ideas throughout the event.

We envisage that interactions and experiences during the day will stimulate new ideas and encourage collaborations between individuals, institutions and industry that otherwise may never have occurred. 

We’d love for you to join us on the 27th of November!


9am: Conference opens:

Refreshments and networking


10am: Introduction and event explanation – Move Eat Treat team


10.10am Opening Address – Professor Fares Haddad, Director, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London


10.30am: Keynote: Dr William Bird – Intelligent Health


11am: Expert Panel: Transforming Healthcare Education

5 experts will have 3-4 minutes to talk about their area of interest. Following this, the panel will discuss and debate on the theme of Transforming Healthcare Education, taking any questions or input from the audience. Experts will be from the following areas

  • Physical Activity & Exercise 
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Education
  • Public Health
  • Primary Care
  • Behaviour change


12pm: Networking and health walk 

This 30 minute period before lunch will allow for reflection and discussion on the issues raised in the morning session, as well as the opportunity to participate in some light exercise if people wish (and the weather permits!)


12.30pm: Lunch

A healthy lunch will be included.


1.30pm: Supporting a healthy population: Call to action – Dr Mike Loosemore, President, RSM SEM Council and Consultant Sports Physician


2pm: Soapbox Auction

During this session, individuals, who would like to do so, will have a 5 minute slot to talk about a project they are currently working on or wish to commence. Within this slot, individuals are encouraged to state what help, expertise and assistance they need to develop their project. The delegates in the audience will have the opportunity to hold up their number (just like in an auction) to display an interest in contributing to the project.

To apply for a 5 minute slot, please fill out the section "Soapbox Auction" when purchasing a ticket.


3.30pm: Closing words and consensus statement – Move Eat Treat team

The final 30 minutes will be to conclude the conference and share some of the outcomes resulting from the agenda and activites throughout the day. We hope to produce a consensus statement on the next steps to build a proactive healthcare system.


4pm: Conference close 


at Institute for Sport, Exercise & Health (ISEH), University College London
170 Tottenham Court Rd
City of London, United Kingdom

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