The Multimedia Marketing Show Features Debate on Best Content Marketing Media

Melbourne, Au (PRWEB) January 12, 2013

The Multimedia Marketing Show with Jake Hower recently released a podcast interview of three elite content producers. The interview debates whether audio podcasts, videos, or written content is the best type of content for content marketing needs.

Hower started the debate by asking which form of content is the best way to engage with audience.

Dan Norris of contends that written content is the best form of content marketing.

I think the main thing to me with text content is that the majority of the web really still is text. I was just on Hacker News earlier, and the top ten articles on Hacker News are all text–no video and no audio. The big sites like TechCrunch and the big tech sites are all really text driven. People have got this habit ingrained into them for the last 15 years of reading text online, argued Dan Norris.

Dan Andrews of The Lifestyle Business Podcast rebuts Norris argument.

Okay, first off, heres the counterintuitive part about text content. It is the most expensive medium. Its very, very expensive to produce compelling text content, argued Mr. Andrews.

James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness agrees with Dan Norris, and then adds on his own perspective about the best form of content marketing.

I think Dans point about text being the most common content is exactly the reason you want to go for a richer media to stand out and to have an instant advantage by being where the others are not. I think were trained to watch television and movies. People watch an inordinate amount of video every single day. So were literally stepping in front of them with a habit they already have. Were doing it where they are active. You want to engage with people, and you have to be where they are. So thats how you get right in front of them, said Mr. Schramko.

Marketers interested in listening to the rest of the podcast can go to the The Multimedia Marketing Show website.

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