The Music Club, 2012

The Music Club, 2012
Although I guess this stuff happens in cycles: What struck me about, say, “Beez In The Trap” was its echo of Schooly D's “P.S.K.” and other mid-'80s drum-machine minimalism; ditto XX and their sepulchral Factory/Cherry Red Records throb. I, too …
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Why we should send uploaded astronauts on interstellar missions
Combined advances in neuroscience and computer science suggest that mind uploading technology could be developed in this century, as noted in a recent Special Issue on Mind Uploading of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness.
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Henry A. Giroux | The War Against Teachers as Public Intellectuals in Dark Times
[14] The underlying theme that connects the current attack on reason and the militarizing of social relations is that education is both a Petri dish for producing individuals who are wedded to the logic of the market and consumerism and a sorting …
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