The Nasty Side Effects of Hostility Queendom.coms New Study Reveals How Hostile Emotions Can Breed or Feed Unhealthy Habits

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Hostility isnt just an emotional issue it has an impact on both physical and mental health., a pioneer in online personality, IQ, and career tests, has released its latest research on the impact of hostility on health. Their study reveals that those who smoke, drink excessively, and have high blood pressure are more likely to experience a higher level of hostile emotions as well.

Are people who are hostile more likely to smoke and drink, or is it the other way around? Perhaps it is two sides of the same coin. From a pool of 6,000 people who took the Hostility Test, researchers at looked at different samples of individuals with unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Their statistics reveal that:

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