The New PPC – Video 1 – Pay Per Click Introduction – Part 1

The New PPC is proud to present Video 1 (part 1) of the 7 part video series. This video will explain who we are, what we will do in the upcoming videos, and the importance of PPC. From Google Adwords, to Yahoo Overture, to MSN AdCenter, we are going to cover it all! Enjoy.

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  1. Manuel Addington says:

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  2. michael robertson says:

    Fantastic video on Pay per click management service and have lot of information about Pay per click management.Do posting great videos.

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  5. dakingro says:

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  6. Dave Garnish says:

    What a waste of 9.19

  7. sexykatie911 says:

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  8. amirdj3 says:


  9. GVOchannel says:

    Good series thanks

  10. mkghuy says:

    plz give the link

  11. mustangluck says:

    what this guys get out of this and how much would i get a month minimun?

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