The New Yahoo Chat – YahTalk

here is a quick video talking about and showing the new program called yahtalk hope you enjoy. sorry for the ticking sound in the background it’s my wall clo…
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15 Responses to The New Yahoo Chat – YahTalk

  1. Sylvia Zea says:

    I need help getting the YahTalk chat

  2. Aaron Little says:

    Why can’t this be downloaded onto a tablet? 

  3. sriram venkataramani says:


  4. dahon232 parin says:

    pls send me the link to dl yahtalk..tnx

  5. keeganeeeeeeeeee says:


  6. David Hernandez says:

    hope that magchat doesnt have any viruses if i dwnload it

  7. ross aldea says:

    share us ur link to dl the yahtalk

  8. Michael Zyskowski says:

    have a look at e-chat

  9. Brar Muktsar Shivraj says:

    send me a link to dl yahtalk

  10. Mark Gundy says:

    Ledbetter… nice review! Any chance I can get you to do one on the program I developed? We developed this after Yahoo closed private rooms… not a ton of users currently but a review from you might help in that regard. We made the program to have fun with so it has some unusual features. The program is known as MagChat. Thanks in advance – Mag

  11. Michelle Harris says:

    try YahTalkPlus *NEW*

  12. ledbetter17p says:

    yeah i will say it was a very sad attempt at making yahoo last longer

  13. MrPindoy1987 says:

    where i can download the YahTalk please i need a link thanks.

  14. Michelle Harris says:


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