The Next Leap: A Full Fledged Instant Website & SEO Audit Tool by Visibility Leap

Jersey City, New Jersey (PRWEB) May 08, 2015

Visibility Leap ( is a premiere SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services providers, and helps educate their clients with digital marketing strategy rather than cloak the services in baffling science. Today they are taking this approach a leap further with a new SEO & Website auditing tool.

Although these updates may have innocuous names like Panda and Penguin (Google updates), these updates are anything but non-threatening to any business. Everyone needs to know the health of their website and SEO in increasingly competitive digital marketplace. The health of a website can have direct correlations to the health of the business and sales.

Visibility Leaps Instant Website and SEO Audit Tool ( provides an instant report on where a website is lagging. If the Website is not generating the leads or sales that got last quarter, it could be a result of irrelevant backlinks, low quality content, non-current content or keyword stuffing practices damaging digital potential and reach. Studies on Google searchers have shown the top search ranked result will receive 33% of the click through rate and that businesses on the first page will receive 92% of the click through rate as compared to second page results.

Algorithmic updates are automatic and indiscriminate in their approach. They can damage any business big or small. eBay had to drop their 2014 revenue forecast by $ 200 million when the Google Panda update caused less search engine optimized traffic to their website. This happened to an internet giant. What could happen to a normal small business website?

It is an increasingly adopted strategy of successful businesses in todays digital marketplace to focus and staff for their areas of specialization only. As a business owner it becomes difficult to read up on every nuance of the latest update from Google, let alone the other search and social media platforms customers interact with. There is lot more to maintain top page SEO rankings ( Instant Website and SEO Audit Tool

Search engine optimization across platforms including Google, Yahoo and Bing; website design, optimization and content; social media engagement, connectivity and lead generation; price per click management campaigns this is what Visibility Leap specialize in. Visibility Leap continuously educate customers to ensure good practices are followed. If a website audit reveals cobwebs then start a dialogue with them today. At Visibility Leap the focus is business development via a full service digital approach tailored to every business.

Get started with a premier Internet Marketing company Visibility Leap today. Get in touch at info(at)visibilityleap(dot)com to know more about SEO, PPC and Web Design Services.

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