The Off Switch V2.15 by teccrab

The Off Switch V2.15 by teccrab
Event on 2015-03-25 17:00:00

As Online Marketing Agency we are of course using the internet every day. We love using social media and think it is a fantastic way to stay connected. Also in our private lives to let friends and family know what is going on. But because we use social media every day and very intense we also know how important it is to use  “The Off Switch” and to step away from the internet once in a while.

We know we are not the only once and would like to invite you to join us experiencing “The Off Switch V2.15”

What is “The Off Switch V2.15”?
It might seem at first that it is only one hour without any kind of devices. No cell phone, no computer, tablet or else. But we hope to open a dialogue and to explore with you possibilities to stay connected without becoming Techzombies, controlled by the little Gizmos available to us.

Each meeting will start by locking away all devices and to use only pen and paper for making notes – Old School Style

With some snacks and drinks we will talk about ways to use “The Off Switch” in our daily lives. Will talk about how technology is effecting our families and what we can do to secure that we are suddenly not being disconnected from the people we want to be connected with the most.

Hoping you will join us, we will try to offer this meeting once a month. The low participation fee will include snacks and drinks. If you are allergic to certain foods please contact us.

at teccrab inc. Consultation Location
88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada

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