The Ohio State University Adjunct Marketing Professor Creates Online Resource to Help Companies Grow Their Business

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

Most companies would need to send their employees back to school in order for them to receive a formal marketing education. But now there might be a better option for companies who want access to the same information without investing the time and money. Scott LaCross, an adjunct professor of Marketing at The Ohio State University, has developed to provide this opportunity to companies and organizations. This subscription-based, online resource walks you through a step-by-step process for developing a marketing plan with tools and templates supported by video content.

In addition to teaching marketing classes, LaCross also owns The Speiro Group, a Columbus, OH-based marketing consulting company. It was through this combination of teaching and consulting where he recognized a need among small and mid-sized companies who dont have fully developed marketing departments at their disposal. LaCross says, I noticed after several years of working with clients and teaching students that I was using the same process and tools with both groups. Like many other disciplines, marketing has foundational principles that apply to every situation. helps companies apply those principles while inputting their own information to tailor the marketing plan to their specific situation.

One of LaCross former students has experienced the benefit of applying these marketing principles within companies. Reema Nagpal, a 2013 graduate of OSUs Fisher School of Business, took a Project-based Marketing Consulting course during her final semester. After graduation, Nagpal worked for a marketing agency for over a year before transitioning into a marketing position for an engineering firm. Nagpal states, After that course, I genuinely felt more prepared for the practical side of marketing. I was able to apply core principles of marketing in every project at the agency. Ive found in my new role that these same principles have helped me develop an actionable marketing plan. The fundamentals that I learned and the practical tools I obtained in that class have contributed to my success!

It would appear there are others looking for help in this area of their business. There are over 60,000 Google searches for marketing plan each month, according to Googles Keyword Planner. This makes LaCross feel that there is a consistent need among companies for foundational marketing knowledge, as well as practical tools they can use. LaCross adds, In all of the classes I teach, I focus on practical application of the principles rather than just sharing the principles themselves. This website was developed with the same goal to educate companies about the art and science of marketing, while also giving them practical tools that will help them put the principles into action. Many companies have an idea of where they want to go but just need direction and guidance on how to get there. We help provide that roadmap.

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