The Old Market

The Old Market

Image by Stuck in Customs
I have another Disneyworld trip coming up, and I was reminded of this place. This is Epcot, one of the best spots for photography at sunset and into the evening.

This area makes me long to go to some of these places for real. It’s all so wonderfully fake around Disney, but that is nice in its own way. I have several more places in the Middle East to visit, and I hope to make that happen over the next few years. Before I actually decide on a place and land on the shores of Tripoli, I’ll be sure to blog about it!

– Trey Ratcliff

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43 Responses to The Old Market

  1. casajump says:

    Just got back from WDW. LOVE Epcot for photos!

  2. Elliot young says:

    Nice shot

  3. KP Tripathi ( says:

    Wow.. Super nice… Amazing composition and colors.

  4. bevcraigwhite says:

    always a pleasure to see your spots….and read about them….my window to some exotica ! *This is a *Brilliant~Eye~Jewel!* You are invited to add your picture to our pool! *Please tag with BEJ*.

  5. monilague says:

    Beautiful light and colors. [ via monilague’s contacts on flickriver  —monilague ]

  6. says:

    Awesome Trey!!

  7. PatT&5 says:

    Amazing work. I have really enjoyed your stuck in customs website/blog. I’ve learned so much and I really appreciate your view on creative commons!

  8. Rozanne Hakala says:

    gorgeous exposure!

  9. dicktay2000 says:


  10. Baja Juan says:

    Nice colors captured here…

  11. falk3n says:

    epic as always xD astonishing! Via falk3n’s contacts’ uploads on Fluidr

  12. Hemuda's Photography says:

    Awesome shot!

  13. AceOBase says: lovely

  14. Jill Clardy says:

    haha -indeed "wonderfully fake"

  15. says:

    Do they put up a fuss about you taking your tripod with you? If not, which are you using? Like a lightweight tripod? Or that huge honk’n tripod that you used at last years SXSW photowalk?

  16. tresor320(三月雨) says:

    Nice shot

  17. lregoli says:

    Great tones!

  18. ibrahem N. ALNassar says:

    Wonderful tones!!!

  19. mamasain says:

    Great work. Wow… I love the colors & composition

  20. giorgosgrigoriadis16 says:

    wonderful capture , very beautiful scene my friend !!!

  21. kissoflif3 says:


  22. lambertwm says:

    Wonderfully fake indeed – almost surreal – also because of the wide angle

  23. Edwinjones says:

    Fantastic shot, great colors and composition

  24. reedake says:

    Lovely colors and details. I think the Middle East would be a wonderful place to go for some photos!

  25. horstgeorg says:

    Excellent and beautiful image !!! A+++ Grade Photo(Post 1 give A+++ logo to 3 pics) Please join us!

  26. shinebeam says:

    Yes it’s fabulous place!! What scenery!

  27. monilague says:

    Beautiful. [ via monilague’s contacts on flickriver  —monilague ]

  28. lorenzoviolone says:

    Wonderful image!

  29. Chris Yeo says:

    This is a beautiful photo

  30. dave-hall says:

    Wonderful colour and lighting.

  31. mojo2u says:

    Excellent scene and great color!

  32. Alfredo Romero Asensio says:

    Bien hecha

  33. Jon Bakke says:

    One of the most intriguing photos I have seen from you.

  34. Saira Bhatti says:

    Something out of arabian nights…. I wonder if that is a flying carpet :)

  35. Photogineer (Doug) says:

    Alright I recognized this location. Love how you got Space Ship Earth through the window.

  36. DanielWesten says:

    Love the color and capture

  37. shotzy says:

    I would never have thought this was epcot. It really did make me think of india.

  38. DinosaursAreNotDead says:

    Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  39. Meljoe San Diego (Very busy) says:


  40. Malhas© says:

    Lovely shot

  41. Steve Rosset says:

    That’s really neat.

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