The Pink Rose Day Business Brainstorm Roundtable – 18 November

The Pink Rose Day Business Brainstorm Roundtable – 18 November
Event on 2015-11-17 07:45:00
Have your critical business questions answered  Join our members as we brainstorm the answers to the critical business questions you have about your business. You are a business owner or executive and you have your own experience and knowledge. Yet you know you would benefit from the input of others who have been there and done before. You can learn from others' mistakes and successes. What worked well and what didn't work so well? How would you do it differently next time? What advice do you have right now? At our Business Brainstorm Roundtable your questions can be put to the members and other guests to find out the best ways to solve your problems or simply give you that bit of information you needed to break through to the next level or to confirm what you already new. One focus of the meeting will be "What are my responsibilities to employees with end of year celbrations?" Supporting Coast Shelter – The Pink Rose Day Business Roundtable is also a chance to showcase your business. Members and guests are invited to take a marketing package to showcase their business (ONLY 4 available), with all proceeds going to Coast Shelter via Smart Business Networks' and Footprint Recruitment's support. All profits from the day will be donated to Coast Shelter. Who we are Smart Business Networks is a forum of professional, creative and forward thinking business owners and executives who share their ideas, experience and knowledge to energise and educate each other and help their businesses thrive.  Benefits The leading group for business education Business owners and executives Category exclusive membership Established businesses Dedicated web and social media presence (assists with SEO for members’ websites) Unique marketing focus Wider networking community with different hubs in different areas Expert guest speakers to help with up-skilling No expectation of forced referrals No time wasting    What makes us different Our focus is around building trusted relationships and up-skilling business owners and managers. Professional business people already know it is trust and integrity that warrants a referral, not obligation.

at L’isle de France (formerly Onda)
150 Terrigal Drive
Terrigal, Australia

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