The Popular DUI Attorney in Huntington Beach Announces an Extension in the Payment Plans to Attract More Clients

Huntington Beach California (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

The Huntington Beach DUI attorney recently came forward with an extension in the payment plans offered to his clients. Chris Koch announced lately through social media and online forums that they would indeed be extending the payment plan option for future clients, so those in need could have affordable legal representation. The announcement was made so that more and more people would contact the experienced lawyer to get proper, and timely legal representation following a DUI arrest. The package now includes attractive features like flat fees, low down payment, and consultation over the phone absolutely free of charge. Getting proper legal representation in the state of California is considered quite costly. Because of this reason, many people who get arrested for DUI charges in Huntington Beach California get reasonably disheartened and lose all hopes of getting affordable legal representation. Looking at the situation in the city of Huntington Beach, the popular DUI attorney decided to extend payment plans offered to the clients so that people would contact him without being worried about the fees or other money matters. It was announced recently through media that more payment options will be added to the package in which honest legal advice is offered to the clients who have been arrested for drunk driving. These options include a low down payment, absolutely free consultation over the phone, and flat fees without any overhead charges. Moreover, there will be an extension in the payment plans so that people belonging to all walks of life would be able to afford the attorney fees. This announcement has been particularly received with extreme delight by residents who have recently been arrested on these charges. To talk to a DUI lawyer in Huntington Beach or to discover more about the criminal defense firm visit,

Its true that anyone could get arrested for DUI charges whether they were driving over the limit intentionally or unintentionally. It is also a fact that not everybody has a good enough income to afford attorney fees. In the case of a DUI arrest, getting timely legal help and advice is very important because the person only has a short period of ten days to communicate with the DMV and schedule a hearing. If these initial days following the arrest are wasted, the chances of getting the license revoked or suspended are quite high. The extension in the payment plans as announced by the Orange County DUI attorney therefore includes options where a person would be able to pay the fees in installments over a certain period of time without paying a huge upfront payment. Such a package also includes a flat fee meaning there will be no interest involved in the installment payments. These plans allow the individual of a DUI arrest to defend his or her case without having to battle the courts alone. Moreover, they have the option of getting properly and timely defended by the citys top-rated legal representative.

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