The Power of Linkedin for your Business

The Power of Linkedin for your Business
Event on 2013-12-10 09:30:00

Starting with a 10 Item Breakfast, we will look at How to use Linkedin to create NEW leads for your Business and show you how you could reach more of the right people with your Marketing message – interested? Then please read on and we will explain more… if not thanks for visiting and have a nice day!


Following on from our Successful  "The Power of Twitter" workshops, we have been asked to provide a similar workshop for Linkedin which goes into more depth on how you CAN use Linkedin to get NEW leads and GROW your Business!

This Equipping Workshop is being delivered by Jaz Greer – The Business Builder, from local Derby Based Business Consultancy Make A Difference.

He will show you How to Connect with the right people, right markets, and right opportunities for your business through Linkedin which is the first step to seeing an Increase in your Sales and Income.

Jaz will guide you through what you need to Connect through Linkedin, what to say, how to say it and most importantly when to say it.

90% of attendees at events organised by Jaz come through Social Media Marketing and of these 75% through Twitter and 25% through Linkedin. Jaz is already practicing what he will show in this Equipping Workshop.

The Equipping Workshop will cover:

  • How you make connections with the right people
  • How to find NEW customers on Linkedin
  • What to say, how to say it and when to say it!
  • Free Tools to help you manage your time & Post easily
  • A practical demonstration on how to use Linkedin and the tools mentioned in this workshop

At the end of this Equipping Workshop, you will have the knowledge, techniques and confidence to go out and  Post onto Linkedin and find NEW connections and NEW potential customers for your Business!



Terms and Conditions of Booking:

1.Make A Difference reserves the right to accept or deny any individual booking

2.Payment is in advance of attending the workshop – including invoice payments

3.Less than 7 days notice of non-attendance or non-attendance at the workshop will not be elegible to a refund

4.Make A Difference reserves the right not to offer a refund for non-attendance and   reserves the right to offer an alternative place on another workshop

5.All notes, slides, handouts and content of these Make A Difference workshops are copyright of Make A Difference and should not be reproduced or re-used in another setting without the express permission and agreement of Make A Difference

6.In the event that Make A Difference has to defer or re-arrange the workshop, all paid participants will be offered an alternative date and time for this or an equivalent workshop.




at Community Enterprise. Centre
Sheridan Street.
Derby, United Kingdom

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