The Power of Marketing – Social Experiment

The Power of Marketing - Social Experiment

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24 Responses to The Power of Marketing – Social Experiment

  1. DmPranksProductions says:

    FINALLY The social experiments series is coming back! thanks to LOVTRACK for giving us their amazing innovative product for this experiment! check the new bracelets here:

  2. Real Eyes says:

    Le physique est vendeur… On le savais déjà mais c’est toujours aussi aberrant de voir ça.

  3. iEmptyMelodies says:

    Try a homeless girl and a professional man.. then we’ll talk.

  4. MrWhataboss23 says:

    Who spends fucking 20 euros on a bracelet from a street vendor? Dumb cunts.

  5. Nick Eh 30 says:

    The homeless man looks like Cody, from Angry Picnic!

  6. Prof. Killionare says:

    From YouTube we’ve learned homeless people are treated like shit. And hot girls own the world.

  7. LeMoN .. DeMoN?! says:

    OH MY GOD… does this “social experiment” prove that you have to look reliable when doing business?! who could possibly know that?

  8. Janbo el Pe says:

    I allready watched it yesterday.

  9. Samantha Toi says:

    We all know that the guys that bought the bracelets from the girl were fucking just wanting something else :/ 

  10. Evan Duffy says:

    What the hell happened to the video you promised last time that should have been released 1 month ago and everyone was highly anticipating?

  11. Brenden V says:

    Now swap the gender role. Hot dude, ugly girl

  12. Kevin Da Silva says:

    7 pulseras * 20€ cada una = 140€. Haciendo esto durante un mes, y suponiendo que cada día vende las mismas aproximadamente: 140 * 30 días = 4200€ potenciales al mes. Estos beneficios son obtenidos vendiendo durante UNA HORA DIARIA. Imaginad si vende durante más tiempo por día… Crisis… Problem?

  13. Aradesh Montebravo says:

    song please?

  14. Русская PanDa says:

    Жалко чет мужика.. Но вы тут все америкосы, я так понимаю вы меня не поймете.

  15. Hetoan2 says:

    She didn’t sell shit. Those were fuck dates.

  16. Matteo Sardella says:

    The power of marketing or the power of pussy?

  17. Marcos Garcia says:

    Name of the fucking awesome song?

  18. DutchMattyBRapsFan says:

    This surely makes you think.

  19. Steven D says:

    Haven’t seen this video, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the hot chick in the short shorts outsells the scruffy looking dude.

  20. H says:

    that’s why the world is fucked up !

  21. Anonymous says:

    Des français ?

  22. PrankandSpank says:

    Honestly these so called social experiments are pointless. Everyone knows the hot girl will always win, the guy in a business suit will win ,everyone good looking will win even people with a fuckload of cash will win. It’s too obvious so these social experiments prove nothing as this is what society is all about nowadays.

  23. paddlepop77 says:

    Not hot at all. She’s a horseface.

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