The Promising Junk Car Buyer in Portland Cash for Cars Quick Announces First Quarter 2013 Earnings Statement

Portland Oregon (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

The vehicle owners of Portland Oregon as well as the local affiliates of Cash for Cars Quick, the popular car and truck buyer in Portland, were ecstatic to see the companys first quarter 2013 financial results. The report was released here in the city recently by the representatives of this car buying and disposal service. According to the results, a great leap has been observed in the sales generated during this time period that could be viewed as a promising start to the year 2013. The company has many plans for the upcoming years, and the executives have declared that seeing this remarkable success has even motivated them more as they are preparing to launch many value-added services for the benefit of their customers. Auto recycling is an industry that is quickly flourishing in developed countries like Canada and the United States of America. There are established provisions for the dismantling and recycling of auto parts so that the practice would result in reduced pollution and ensure a hazard-free environment for future generations. Many companies are working in this regard by offering unique and highly tailored services to car owners who wish to sell their junk or unusable cars for a good amount of cash. Cash for Cars Quick is a name that is rapidly gaining popularity because of its remarkable marketing efforts and the exceptional services offered to the customers. To sell a junk car in Portland Oregon or to speak to a representative from the local office visit,

Recently the company came forward with its first quarter earnings data; according to which there had been an incredible rise in the sales during the first quarter of 2013. The company sees this leap as an encouraging start to the year and plans on launching many value-added services for the benefit of its clients located in Portland and other cities of the United States. The earnings surpassed all previous quarters sales data and because of this the first quarter of this year has proven to be the best quarter for Cash for Cars Quick so far. The company attributes this new surge in clients from the massive online marketing efforts from an SEO company. The proper disposal of older junk or unusable cars is necessary to ensure a clean atmosphere. Moreover, its a great way to reduce the number of deserted unwanted vehicles parked on public and private property that look hideous and pose a threat to the environment. The efforts of companies like Cash for Cars Quick in this regard are highly commendable. The reputation and credibility of the company as well as its popularity among car owners is apparent from the financial results announced lately. The auto buyer continues to dominate local markets with their hands on approach to buying cars and trucks. The CEO stated We noticed a hole in the market, and filled it, older vehicle owners needed an easier way to sell their cars and trucks without hassles.

There have been many positive responses since the company released its financial results for the first quarter 2013. A number of new affiliates have already contacted the executives to discuss a possible future partnership for improving the companys operations. The executives have also declared that they plan on using the profit for inaugurating their offices in many other cities of the United States where their presence is much awaited. This decision has made the customers and management even happier. has become one of the leading car buyers in the United States owing to its friendly customer services and incredible online marketing campaigns. The company offers a good sum of money to car owners who wish to get rid of their unusable and unwanted cars. As a result of this great offer, the number of abandoned vehicles has significantly reduced throughout the country making it a clean and safe place to live in. The company is making a steady progress in the field of automotive waste management and disposal surpassing all its competitors in the major cities of America. For more information regarding its services and operations, kindly visit the companys official website at

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