The pros and cons of Google shared endorsements

The pros and cons of Google shared endorsements
… they even know it's an ad or that they want to congratulate the company for successfully marketing to them.) On Google Shopping, Google scrapes reviews from third-party sites. For example, on this SERP, the majority of the reviews come from Best …
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How Google is Keeping People from Clicking on Your Site, and What You Can
If you haven't noticed, sometimes when you search for something very specific, Google brings you more than just the normal search engine results page (SERP). For instance, go now and do a search for something sports score related, such as “Who won last …
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Google testa immagini di copertina sponsorizzate nella SERP
Google sta testando banner pubblicitari nella SERP, che si traducono con un'immagine di copertina nell'annuncio da far comparire direttamente nei risultati di ricerca. L'immagine, a quanto sembra, compare soltanto per le query di ricerca strettamente …
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