The Psychology of the Digital Consumer

The Psychology of the Digital Consumer
Event on 2014-06-10 09:00:00

This workshop is about is all about understanding what makes consumers tick online. Digital Media has become a battle over the minds of people, challenging businesses and their strategies, as the ever-changing consumer’s influence grows. Loyalty towards a company cannot be taken for granted. What's more, consumers online will share everything there is to share about a company on social media, which once again emphasizes that they are the ones who are in control and not the brands. We will cover why and how this shift has come and how marketers and business owners can engage with the consumer.

Other key benefits and experiences that will be delivered in the course are:
Working on real case environment

  • Working on real case environment

  • Soft copies of course material

  • Certification endorsed by Strategic Media Company

  • Exclusive Career Networking opportunities for Alumnis

Learning objectives of the course

At the end of the course you will be expected to be able to:

  • Brief history of consumer behaviour
  • Understanding the digital consumer behaviour and the key trends driving them
  • Consumer research online
    • Learning to generate insights from: search, social and web content
    • Listening and managing online consumer discussion
    • Examining the insights
  • Executing plan based on generated data
  • Design value propositions for the digital consumer
  • The principles and best practices of effective online communities
  • Develop an understanding of how the digital consumer influences strategy and applying the business intelligence to target and retain customers

Workshop ‘Hands on’ Projects Overview

In our hands-on “Psychology of the Digital Consumer” workshop you will create a practical, actionable plan to increase “viewers” and retain them by building either an online community or providing content with a call to action and discuss the strategic choices that decision makers have to make to capture the desired audience.

Teaching methods

The course is given in 3-hour lecture form, consisting of online videos from the trainers,, realtime case studies, articles, and classwork in project development by the trainers and selected guest lecturers. The class will use the web analytics from the website, and learn how to evaluate the site’s performance by analyzing specific data sets and discussing the pros and cons of the strategy applied to SMC. In addition, as Strategic Media Company, works on commercial projects, they will invite the class to get involved with the ‘back end’ of the client project work. This includes solution development, creative brainstorming, production and strategy development. Most of the skills and experience acquired through this project are transferrable to all forms of business processes.

Course Trainers

Jomar Reyes is the founder of the consultancy firm, Strategic Media Company. Jomar has over 20 years of experience in operations, business development and marketing with global brands, Jomar has worked in the fore front of developing marketing strategies in the areas of digital media, content, media production and distribution. His practical and real-world approach has enabled him to work for both IBM and ACNielsen and consult leading global brands such as Apple, Sony and Canon with integrated marketing campaigns.

Jomar is also an experienced producer of events, TV and music. He is an advocate of the using new technologies with film and television, pioneering the way with how corporates adopt this medium online.

Faizan M. Syed is the Business Development and Marketing Manager and Trainer at Strategic Media Company. He is has a Cand.ling.merc. (International Marketing & Communication, Copenhagen Business School, 2012). He specialises in providing insight extensive knowledge and experience in online marketing and communications at both the strategic and practical level.

Has experience working with B2B and B2C companies in a wide variety of fields on Digital Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Lead generation, Research and Analysis and Consumer Buying Behaviour.

Course Outline

Prework will be required such as reading articles, slides and videos on topics such as Online Marketing, LinkedIn for Career and personal brand development etc. provided by us. The following areas will be covered:

  • Introduction to the course and the digital consumer
    • The consumer in context
    • The social media landscape
    • How a digital consumer has changed consumer behaviour, how they need to be perceived and targeted
      • The impact of digital (inc mobile) on buying behaviour and purchasing habit
    • Going through the customer experience online
    • Building and maintaining relationships on and offline
      • Tools for evaluation, reporting, tracking and refinement
    • Digital Branding experience
    • Hands-on work
  • Planning and Developing a Digital Consumer Strategy
    • Understanding the scope of customer and how to retain them
    • Data and consumer insights
    • Analyse the context, market, competitor and positioning
    • Setting objectives, KPI’s and refining the marketing mix
    • Capturing the attention of digital consumers
    • Challenges posed by digital consumers
      • How to plan against pitfalls
    • Hands-on work
  • Presenation and Networking

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