The Pursuit of Excellence in Work Discussed in a New Light from Fannits Lead Graphic Designer

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014

Its not often that one will see Eminem and Lemmings used on the blog of an online service company. However, both of these can be found in Fannits recent blog post. Isaac Campbell – writer of the post and lead designer at Fannit – leaves his usual niche as a designer to openly discuss his views on the average work ethic. He discusses the mediocrity of much of the work being done, and uses Eminem and Lemmings as points of comparison. Isaac also alerts readers of his intention in using the controversial figure Eminem, explaining that despite certain aspects of his person, his creativity, popularity, and personal ambition makes him an ideal figure to point to in the post. The complete publication can be read and shared from this link.

Having brought the readers attention to a few opening points, Isaac Campbell proceeds to paint a mental flowchart of what he sees as the typical person. He begins this by making a point that people are naturally irresponsible – that is, they desire ease and pleasure over work. He iterates this with a strong clause: This lack of desire to do work contributes to a world in which most people would rather just get by and be irresponsible for their actions and words than take responsibility and make a difference. This sentence and the rest of the section provokes thought as to the average workers mindset.

Isaac follows his first point in the mental flowchart by claiming that laziness is the typical byproduct of the cultures irresponsibility. This laziness then sets the standard of work at a mediocre level, causing people as a whole to shoot for results that are less the exceptional.

The section following the mental flowchart asks people to strive for exceptional work despite the societal norm. With four main points, Isaac calls all workers to shun mediocrity and choose to be exceptional. Societys standards are a joke, Isaac claims. Dont go along with them. Raise the standards, and when you cant find anyones standards for your work that are high enough, compete against yourself for better than ever. The ultimate goal that is subtly made throughout the article is that people everywhere need to be leaders who leave a legacy wherever they go. Readers, however, are encouraged to expect thought-provoking elements and potential controversy when absorbing the material in this new article.

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