“The Real Amy” – Amy Walker

The intro -about the “Real” me- from my solo show in January, 2010. Enjoy! Visit my website for blog updates and other information: www.AmyWalkerOnline.com Check out www.21Accents.com for accent tips and resources Follow me on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/AmiableWalker “Like” my Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/AmiableAmyWalker
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20 thoughts on ““The Real Amy” – Amy Walker

  1. This cracks me up so much! At first I think, ‘Okay, that’s definitely her.’ Then you switch again and again and…oh, it is SO funny! You’re so great at every accent it’s so hard to tell! I love what you do! You’re hilarious! 😀

  2. Sometimes I switch between American, English, and Scottish accents while I’m a work. And somehow I’ve got this one old guy who is adamant that I’m Irish.

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