The Road To iPhone 5 (Infographic)

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

The latest infographic from digital publishing start-up Uberflip comes on the heels of Apple announcing and releasing details of the new iPhone 5. It takes a look at how the iPhone has grown exponentially in many ways since its inception just five years ago in 2007.

Will the iPhone 5 be a game changer like some previous generations of the brand? Most people think so based on sales estimates alone; 10 million units in the first month, 0.5% bump to US GDP clearly the expectations are high.

Uberflip doesnt make any predictions, but it does take a look into the past to see how far the iPhone has come in just 5 years.

When I started Uberflip back in 2008, the iPhone was just a blip on the mobile device landscape, and Apples app store hadnt even opened, says Yoav Schwartz, Uberflip CEO. Along with tablet computing, these devices have changed the way people organize their lives and consume content.

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Here are some interesting facts from this infographic:

-It was in January 2002 when Steve Jobs brainstormed a device to combine an MP3 player and a BlackBerry.

-The iPhone 5 will be the first generation that has an increase in screen size.

-The new iPhone is projected to sell 10 million units in just a few weeks.

-Revenue from the iPhone alone is more than what established companies like Microsoft and Disney generate.

Sources for the infographic include JP Morgan, comScore, and Apple.

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