The Robot file

The Robot file
6, 1977: Klaatu the Quasar Industries robot appears to perform household chores. The robot wasn't really cleaning — it was posed in the position and controlled by a hidden operator. Bonus points for including a hat *and* an apron. Other photos showed …
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'Yeti' Robot Finds Cracks in Antarctic Ice
PHOTOS: Forgotten Discoveries of Scott's Antarctica. courtesy of family members. ‹ › Related Links. Big Meteorite Discovered in Antarctica · Buried Antarctic Lake Yields Hints of Life. Meet Yeti, a faithful rover of the robotic kind that sniffs out …
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Curiosity rover first robot to ever drill into Mars
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has beamed home photos confirming that it recovered samples from deep within a Red Planet rock, cementing the robot's place in exploration history. The Curiosity rover drilled 2.5 inches into a Martian outcrop on Feb. 8, and …
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