The Sam Test

The Sam Test

Image by Ross Mayfield
Sam is the Ugliest Dog.

Just helping Doc spread the word, to help Sam’s page rank, you can too…

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17 Responses to The Sam Test

  1. jurvetson says:

    wow… mutant tales from the crypt.

  2. The Rocketeer says:

    I guess the test part was to see if your camera would survive?

  3. Ross Mayfield says:

    I still think this is a very ugly dog.

  4. Lola8 says:

    Oh no! Ugly+sceary! 😛

  5. rickbruner says:

    Holy crap that’s an ugly dog! I love that he’s picking his teeth with his toenail. That’s really icing on the cake.

  6. effini (aka: leendadll) says:

    OMG – is that thing real? THE HORROR!

  7. juan997 says:

    i thought i was ugly i guess i was wrong

  8. surfiñg says:

    OMG – the wonders of genetic engineering?

  9. Helena-Reet says:

    Oh my, oh my***************************************

  10. mshobe says:

    why, oh why, couldn’t this have been a crappy VGA cameraphone image?

  11. steveobd says:

    that dog has 3 dew claws?

  12. Ross Mayfield says:

    The LA Times has more

  13. Lux, the Poet says:

    it’s taken me 5 hours to put my comment here and now wondering if The Sam Test called me here by fate. And ditto Rickbruner the fact that he’s picking his teeth with his toes is beyond genius. please tell me …. no, actually, i don’t want to know!… :D!! I think this is one of the most beautiful dogs that i ever saw, i wish it were mine *sighs*

  14. Valet2 says:

    Nice doggy! Cute!

  15. something.from.nancy says:

    Poor Sam passed away last week. He was 14. This is a great shot.

  16. blindmonk07 says:

    sheer TERROR

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