The Schoolof Internet Marketing Looks into the Benefits of Having Google Authorship

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Google has created many different services to try and help websites earn visibility on the web and one of the newer services to help do just that is Google Authorship.

With Google Authorship still relatively unknown to the world, the latest edition of Affiliate Buzz sees James and Arlene Martell explore the reasons why many people would want to set up their Google Authorship profile. Having spent the last 15 years involved in internet marketing, James and Arlene are now veterans in the industry and also run a series of different courses to teach keen entrepreneurs about how to be successful using online marketing.

With there being thousands of websites dedicated to similar topics, it has meant that some original web content can either be stolen or misused at any time. However, the idea behind Google Authorship means that the authors pictures and profile appears next to a result that they have created. By having their photograph on the page, it shows who the author is and proving that each article is original and unique.

“People dont want to buy from anonymous sites and they want to know who is behind the site. So, the more front and centre you can be, the higher the conversion rate,” explains The School of Internet Marketing VP of Business Development James Martell.

During the podcast, James and Arlene will discuss just what Google Authorship is and how it appears to browsers on the search results pages. Business owners will also discover how using Google Authorship can help establish themselves as an online authority on the subject and how it can link back to other content they have created throughout the web.

Its features such as Google Authorship that are giving online entrepreneurs the chance to really establish themselves on the Internet and help make turn themselves into one of the top names in their entire industry.

Listen to the podcast here:

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