The Search Monitor Releases its PPC Benchmark Guide For The Retail Industry

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released the Q4 2014 version of its PPC Benchmark Guide for the retail industry.

The guide provides performance benchmarks for five key PPC metrics: number of competitors, ad share, ad rank, CTR, and CPC. For each metric, the guide reveals the average performance across six retail verticals. These are: Apparel, Kitchen & Dining, Accessories, Camping & Outdoors, Gifts, and Cosmetics.

Benchmarking your search marketing performance against yourself only goes so far in retail, explained The Search Monitors CEO, Lori Weiman. Its great for incremental improvements and definitely feels great to beat a personal record. But without competitors and industry leaders to compare yourself against, internal benchmarks dont reveal your true potential.

The guide uses data from The Search Monitors ad monitoring platform that scans ads from thousands of advertisers on millions of keywords, and then calculates performance metrics by vertical. The data is then vetted against actual client data, industry trends, and historical search marketing patterns collected and analyzed since 2008.

Company officials stated that the guides focus is to give retail search marketers the data they need to improve their SEM performance.

Industry-average PPC benchmarks are tricky for a retailer to get on their own, Weiman explained. But once they have them, they get the evidence they need to increase spend, reallocate from another product line, change their copy, and set their upcoming budget. Theyre an invaluable strategic tool.

To learn more about the guide and download a free copy, company officials have directed search marketers to the companys page for the PPC Benchmark Guide for the Retail Industry. To learn more about competitive ad monitoring tools, they can visit The Search Monitors website.

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