The Search Monitor’s Automotive Snapshot Investigates Why Chrysler Pays More Than GM for Clicks

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released its newest SEM snapshot for the automotive sector.

The Search Monitor used its ad intelligence platform to focus on late-summer click and spend activity of seven major automotive brands. The analysis excluded data from the automotive verticals other big spenders, the third-party shopping sites such as and

We began our auto industry analysis by plotting total clicks and spend, which is a simple and effective way to identify outliers in the category, explained The Search Monitors CEO, Lori Weiman. We compared seven brands with similar PPC spend levels and quickly saw which brands were out-performing the average in PPC. The results definitely surprised us.

The Search Monitor released this executive summary of its findings:

SPEND: Three GM brands each spent between $ 200K and $ 400K in August. Mazda and Subaru each spent between $ 400K and $ 600K, and Chrysler was all by itself in the $ 600K to $ 800K category.
CLICKS: Buick won the award for the highest number of clicks in August, followed by Cadillac, KIA, GMC, Mazda, and Subaru. The lowest number of clicks came from Chrysler, which received 165K clicks in August.
TRADE-OFF: The click and spend data produced a very surprising (and counter-intuitive) inverse relationship, where the lowest spenders actually generated the highest volume of clicks.
In the analysis section, The Search Monitors Automotive Team expressed its surprise over the large CPC difference between the GM brands and Chrysler. The Automotive Team specifically asked: Why did GM pay less and get more clicks than Chrysler did?

The Search Monitor concluded its automotive SEM analysis by discussing several questions whose answers would help explain the big difference in CPCs. The questions dealt with comparisons of ad copy, destination URLs, geo-targeting, reach and frequency metrics, and the role of ad rank.

To learn more about the Automotive SEM Snapshot or about SEM trends impacting automotive advertisers, please visit The Search Monitor and request a free SEM audit.

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