The Search Monitor’s Telecom Snapshot Investigates Why T-Mobile Paid More Than Cricket for Fewer Clicks

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released its newest SEM snapshot for the telecom sector.

The Search Monitor used its ad intelligence platform to dive into recent SEM click and spend activity of five mobile phone carriers, with a specific focus on a comparison of T-Mobile and Cricket.

Its always interesting to see how the small number of mobile phone carriers compete with each other for clicks, explained The Search Monitors CEO, Lori Weiman. We found that the smaller company in our analysis, Cricket, has been successful at paying less for its clicks than its larger competitor, T-Mobile.

The Search Monitor released this executive summary of its findings:

CLICKS: Cricket Wireless generated the most clicks during the time period analyzed. T-Mobile, meanwhile, generated fewer than half of Crickets number.
SPEND: When it came to the amount of spend required to generate these clicks, the report showed that T-Mobiles spending was roughly double that of Crickets spend.
TRADE-OFF: While The Search Monitor typically expects spend to increase in line with clicks generated, Cricket was able to spend less and receive more clicks, a PPC marketers dream.

In the reports analysis section, The Search Monitors Telecom Team focused on the question of why T-Mobile paid so much more than Cricket Wireless for fewer clicks.

The Search Monitor concluded its telecom SEM analysis by discussing several questions whose answers would help explain the interesting clicks-versus-spend trade-off between Cricket Wireless and T-Mobile. As with the Search Monitors past industry snapshots, the questions dealt with details about ad copy, products promoted, where the ads ran in the US, the seasonality of ad spend, and the role of other marketing channels on SEM spend.

To learn more about the Telecom SEM Snapshot or about SEM trends impacting telecom advertisers, please visit The Search Monitor and request a free SEM audit. Company officials have also posted archived versions of their SEM industry snapshots for finance, luxury retail, automotive, and travel on their website.

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