The Search Monitor’s Travel Snapshot Investigates Why Kayak Spent More Than Orbitz on Hotel Keywords

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released its newest SEM snapshot for the travel sector.

The Search Monitor used its ad intelligence platform to focus on the recent SEM click and spend activity of five major hotel comparison search sites. The analysis looked at Orbitz, Kayak, TravelZoo, HotWire, and Booking Buddy, with a specific look at Orbitz versus Kayak.

The hotel comparison engines are a highly competitive area for search marketing, explained The Search Monitors CEO, Lori Weiman. Our analysis surprised us by revealing that CPCs are not as close as youd think among the industry leaders.

The Search Monitor released this executive summary of its findings:

SPEND: BookingBuddy spent between $ 200K and $ 400K on hotel/motel/resort keywords, while Orbitz, TravelZoo, and Hotwire all spent between $ 400K to $ 600K. Kayak was the big spender in the analysis, spending between $ 800K and $ 1 million.
CLICKS: Both BookingBuddy and Hotwire generated approximately 350K clicks. TravelZoo and Kayak, meanwhile, generated close to 500K clicks during the month monitored. Orbitz was the clear winner, generating close to 700K clicks.
TRADE-OFF: While most advertisers typically obey the pattern of the more you spend, the more clicks you get, the analysis revealed a very favorable CPC trade-off for Orbitz.

In the reports analysis section, The Search Monitors Travel Team focused on the obvious disparity between the click and spend activity of Kayak and Orbitz. Specifically they asked: Why did Kayak pay more than its competitor Orbitz for hotel-related clicks?

The Search Monitor concluded its travel SEM analysis by discussing several questions whose answers would help explain the big difference in hotel advertiser CPCs. The questions dealt with comparisons of ad copy, destination URLs, geo-targeting, reach and frequency metrics, and the role of ad rank.

To learn more about the Travel SEM Snapshot or about SEM trends impacting hotel advertisers, visit The Search Monitor to request a free SEM audit. Company officials have also posted archived versions of their SEM industry snapshots for finance, luxury retail, and automotive on their website.

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