The Secret of the Seven Sisters – Episode 2: Desert Storms

The first part of a four-part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world’s oil. Throughout the region’s modern history, si…
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7 Responses to The Secret of the Seven Sisters – Episode 2: Desert Storms

  1. foresakenlion says:

    This documentary fails to mention Mossadegh and Nasser were Communist puppets, and their “nationalization” was more like taking it away from the from NATO, and give it to the USSR. These men are not hero’s of the Arabs or Iranians, they’re sell outs just like everyone else, but that they would give their oil to Communists that would kill every believer in Allah if they could, means these men are supreme betrayers, at least America would give you your religion while taking your oil.

  2. jungleman68 says:

    if you’re gonna make such an outrageous claim, then explain it quickly. I’m not going to spend 2 hours on what seems like a conspiracy theory

  3. phoenix11994466 says:

    God Bless America

  4. BigKatz says:

    The logic is all hair-brained. Why did the US and the USSR stop the UK and France from controlling Suez, according to the conspiracy? Then he says, ‘Suez Canal blockading by Nassar led to Increased oil prices led to Affordable super-tankers.’ Someone hasn’t opened an Econ 101 textbook. They interview a cabbie in e. Iraq – what if they interviewed a Kurd? I doubt it’d be the same story of US-is-to-blame for unrest. Finally, how is OPEC any better? That’s an overt cartel.

  5. MrFattyfatfatboy says:

    who cares,the lesser creatures will allways for victim to the stronger.

  6. Martinus Wibowo says:

    nice documentary indeed, but remember, all these media companies has their own bias towards their own. never trust 100%

  7. xector9 says:

    revelating documentary

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