The Secret to Writing Better Blogs – Business Beyond

The Secret to Writing Better Blogs – Business Beyond
Event on 2017-06-15 09:30:00
Make blogging work for your business; time saving tips, writing tricks and much more! Are you a time poor business owner? Do you want to use blogging to generate leads? Build your blogging confidence with this practical workshop designed to help you develop ideas, structure posts and establish a brand voice. Make your blog a success in 2017 with this interactive workshop.In this workshop you’ll learn how to: Generate a list of blog post ideas. Write headlines that grab attention. Build an editorial calendar for your business. Structure your posts for online readers. Promote your posts for maximum exposure. Create lead generating opt-ins. Innovative Learning – Book quickly as numbers are strictly limited! Online Business Diagnostic : 30 minutes online diagnostic with immediate confidential report. Small Group Learning : Learn immediately actionable business management know-how. One-to-one Business Coaching : Confidential one hour one-to-one coaching. Expert Guidance From :  Lisa Kniebe Lisa is a writer who specialises in website content writing, bringing a broad spectrum of experience to her work. Fascinated by human behaviour she credits her copywriting success to an empathetic obsession with wanting to ‘get in other people’s shoes’ and know what makes them tick. Her uncanny ability to sound like she swallowed a dictionary along with her degree in English have made her a sought after speaker, writer and educator. She has pursued her love affair with language throughout her life, having been a poetic nurse, an excited teacher and a published parenting blogger! Lisa established Stella Polaris Copywriting to empower the business community to embrace the world of content marketing and provide a trusted point of reference to navigate this ever changing landscape.

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