The Self-Publishing Intensive Training

The Self-Publishing Intensive Training
Event on 2013-10-01 09:00:00

Newton, New Jersey: Being a published author is a great business building tool for entrepreneurs. Business leaders can easily publish their own book and generate new leads, new business, new opportunities as a result. Business Success Coach, Donna Price, has done just that with her books and will be teaching an intensive course on just how to do that for business leaders. Offered both in person and virtually via video conference, Price will give participants a self publishing blueprint for success.


Session 1: Using a Book as a Business Lead Generator: this session is all about content. What to write about and how it fits into your business.


Session 2: Prepping Your Book for Publication: learn how to prep the manuscript for publication and what to include in the book.


Session 3: Prepping Your Book for Publication – It’s all about the Cover. Learn essentials of cover design, what needs to be included and how to get a great cover designed.


Session 4: Kindles, Nooks, E-Books Etc…Learn how to publish on different e-book platforms.


Session 4: Book Marketing 101: Publishing is just the first step to success with a book. There is a wealth of opportunity for marketing the book as well.


Session 6: Book SEO (search engine optimization) Learn how to get your book listed and optimized for selling.


Self Publishing has many positive outcomes but it needs to be done right. During this training, participants will learn the ins and outs of the self publishing world and what to do and especially what NOT to do.

at C3 Workplace
116 Main St
Sparta, United States

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