The Six Main Benefits of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

Learn the benefits of cloud computing and AWS from Amazon Sr. Vice President Andy Jassy. In this short video, learn how you can eliminate upfront costs, redu…

3 thoughts on “The Six Main Benefits of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

  1. A company with such infrastructure and benefits would hardly decide to move back to their own servers. If you don’t want to pay you can take your data with you and put it somewhere else. In regards to time, it will depend on how much data you have and where you are moving it. Security? See the list of clients to understand how many people trust their services, also keep in mind that security will depend on how you build your app. IT won’t lose their jobs but rather get better.

  2. So what happens if suddenly a company decides they don’t want to pay the annual/monthly fees for these services on the cloud? How much time does a company have to find and set up their own servers and get all that data onto their servers from the cloud? What about security? How secure is a companies data on the servers of say Amazon or others who are pushing this same product? In addition if will people lose jobs in IT over this?

  3. Great and clear introduction. But how do you solve network latency? Sitting in my office and communicating to data center is always fast. But what is going to be with a network if the services move to Amazon?

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