The Six – The Six Ways You’ll See Your Dad

The Six - The Six Ways You'll See Your Dad

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13 Responses to The Six – The Six Ways You’ll See Your Dad

  1. AgrxLegends says:

    i’m getting feels from the end.

  2. MusiciansBryan says:

    In my case I’m the dad, And my dad is who I’m to supposed to be

  3. Ben Kones says:


  4. chad86541 says:

    How does this show know everything.

  5. doersinc says:

    This six video series is actually pretty deep intelligent shit. I can totally attest to this and the the six girls in college video.

  6. pieman5265 says:

    lol this was uploaded on my dads birthday

  7. TheC0d7Gam3plAy says:

    That was deep ;(

  8. XxmcdxX says:

    true story bro. In the end, no one understands u more than your parents.

  9. Willedcub93442 says:

    That actually meant something to me.

  10. xXnavanatorXx says:

    2:48 rooster teeth music 

  11. ronallen10000 says:

    Love this. Love this every time I watch it.

  12. IamIagainstI says:

    Funny & insightful!

  13. kay619rey says:

    sometimes he dances….

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