The Stig Vs. Google Street View Car – Top Gear Track now available on Google Maps!

Navigate the Top Gear track here Watch behind the scenes footage as The Stig accompanies Google’s Street View car around the Top Gea…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to The Stig Vs. Google Street View Car – Top Gear Track now available on Google Maps!

  1. TopGear says:

    Check out the Top Gear track in all its glory on Google Maps here:

  2. BlackPanthaa | The Home of Need for Speed says:

    Awesome haha, expected the Google maps guy to stick his finger out the window like the picture I saw a while back. 😛 Really excited for the new series! :D

  3. Abraham Williams says:

    *The Stig Vs. Google Street View Car*

  4. Carsten Hard says:

    *Google Street View Wagen vs Mercedes AMG SLS* Mhm…Wer da wohl gewinnt? 

  5. Ed Parsons says:

    It’s not how fast you go, it’s how many megapixels your have !

  6. Paolo Peira says:

    Io muoro Google e Top Gear insieme. Due passioni che insieme

  7. Dan Morrill says:

    yeah, this rocks.

  8. Nonameguzzi says:

    I have’t enought money for fuel the AMG, can i have the Astra please?

  9. Xavi Rubio says:

    Ya tenemos la pista de Top Gear en Google Street

  10. Joshua Volk says:

    Google Street View car takes on The Stig… This could be the best street view… IN THE WORLD.

  11. Admiral_Awesome says:

    If you go to the legoland car driving thing, you can see the stig there too.

  12. Luke Lewis says:

    Top Gear UK’s test track is now on street view with “The Stig” does donuts around the streetview car at the end. This is pretty cool.

  13. MrAdambla says:

    I know who the stig is :D

  14. navanit kamble says:

    Fair race at top gear as always .

  15. DerpySteve_ says:

    you better put its lap time on the board

  16. Joshua Buchs says:

    I thought the Google street view car was going to win.

  17. SYMSKO1 says:


  18. Tomyko SK says:

    first comment LOL

  19. Dest Droid says:

    Pretty lame guys.

  20. Saulo Vinicius says:

    that moment when you realize the parking lot of topgear have normal cars

  21. Debo Karakaboom says:


  22. Roy Hamilton says:

    So good!

  23. Efrem Veneziani says:

    No way!

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