The Stream – The Stream – Young scientists

How do you change the world? We talk to a group of teenage scientists who are doing just that.

11 thoughts on “The Stream – The Stream – Young scientists

  1. not to sound preachy, but its never too late to change right? why not try something new now. ive had pretty much the same experience as you and ive only just started to try out things beyond my comfort zone and im happy to report im doing well in my fails-at-everything-new-he-tries phase of things. i might never transcend this phase but who cares, this is a fun journey too.

  2. when I was a kid I had those great ideas unfortunately I was not able to accomplish any because I was busy memorizing terms and events that occurred in the past. I am not saying is not important to know the history but school should get interactive with student help them accomplish their goals. Even though I am an A student, I don’t have the energy to be creative anymore ;( I chose to be follower not a leader! that’s what my parent, teacher, friends, and relative instructed and advises me to do!

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