The Summly Whiz Kid Who Made Millions Off Yahoo

The Summly Whiz Kid Who Made Millions Off Yahoo

March 25 (Bloomberg) — Yahoo announced the acquisition of mobile-product company Summly on Monday, March 25. Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle profiles Summly Fou…

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13 Responses to The Summly Whiz Kid Who Made Millions Off Yahoo

  1. Elay Roxx says:

    He’s hot 

  2. SilentReaper321 says:

    3:07 the guys in the back are, that’s that bulls*it. ” working for a 17 yr old”, wheres my credit? well that what i would think.

  3. Anjith Sasindran says:

    Big fan!! He deserves the money.. It doesn’t matter whether he’s 16 or 32.. He got paid for what he did!

  4. Carter Gunz says:

    Why edgar, are you saying women are generally gold diggers?

  5. NonbastardizedGuy says:

    lol at all the butthurts. Nice job Nick. But it’s bullshit how the money was put into a “trust fund”. He should be out freely busting that money like crazy. We all know Yahoo restricted him with added media hype.

  6. bobbyv369 says:

    App-arently, he didnt crate the app. He just had the idea. What surprises me is that, Yahoo investing so much money in this app.

  7. Edgar Galeano says:

    First you get the money, then you get the power. At last the bitches come in flocks

  8. veronicatgestiona says:


  9. veronicatgestiona says:


  10. Joyce Johns says:

    handsome young man…

  11. 730ize says:

    boy, use all dat cash to spike teen pussys

  12. zakasrias says:

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