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“Apocryphon”, which literally translates to secret writing, is the perfect moniker for The Sword’s fourth full-length album. Wrapping poetic and touching imagery in a haze of crushing riffs and ghostly melodies, the quartet from Texas delivers haunting, hypnotic and heavy rock. The Sword is about to let the world in on a little secret, which they want to share with the audience of the Rockhal on 3 July 2013.

Every culture has its own set of cryptic texts. They're the forbidden tomes of wisdom which governing powers will deny knowledge of and ban. They're usually thought-provoking. They're typically dangerous. They're often revolutionary. It might seem impossible to keep anything private in the modern age of Facebook and Twitter where everyone's dirty laundry is up for a comment. Nevertheless, the most impactful art remains the most mysterious.

Coming off 2010's acclaimed concept album “Warp Riders”, The Sword approached their latest offering from a new perspective. They holed up in Baltimore with producer J. Robbins (Clutch, Jawbox) to craft “Apocryphon” in 2012. Sonically, Robbins encouraged The Sword to tap into something raw. As a result, the album echoes with insurmountable intensity. "We loved what he did with Clutch, and they highly recommended him," recalls Shutt. "He really helped us capture the dirty, grittiness in the songs.”

The Sword consistently give their audience a fully realized experience. They began turning heads with “Age of Winters” in 2006 and its 2008 follow-up “God of the Earth”. Metallica hand-picked them for a worldwide tour. Their music has been prominently utilized in films such as Jennifer's Body and Jonas Åkerlund’s Horsemen, and appeared in the last three editions of Guitar Hero.

Cronise concludes, "Music is supposed to transport people somewhere away from their daily lives. For Apocryphon, the idea was to do that in a more introspective and philosophical manner. I'd like it if listeners think a little bit more about life, their existence, and their place in the universe while taking this trip."

The Sword is most definitely a band with a strong reputation for producing high quality heavy metal, and a powerful performance is sure be guaranteed when they will make a stopover at the Rockhal on on 3 July 2013.

at Rockhal Luxembourg
Avenue du Rock’n’Roll
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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