The Sydney Business Networking Event – April 2014

The Sydney Business Networking Event – April 2014
Event on 2014-04-09 17:30:00

Note: We (CAAA and Business Connector) have two event booking pages. So the number of people you see booked in below is not representative of actual attendance. The last few months we have been 100+ in the room each time.

BusinessConnector events are structured to make sure you have a chance to expand your professional network and develop new, genuine contacts and relationships.

Everything is about win/wins. Find the help your business needs, and help others to find what they are looking for. Our exhibitors aim to provide something of value to our members, and in return we aim to help them to gain presence and credibility. 

We expect participants to be upfront about their business goals, and to be prepared to ask for help and advice from others, rather than to blindly sell, sell, sell. We also believe that the best way to earn credibility is to show that you have something to offer – so when you hear what other people need, step up and show what you can do, even if that is just to suggest a link to a trusted expert.


How does it work?

We believe that business networking can be both effective and fun. The game is not about walking away with a huge stack of business cards of people you couldn't recognise if they called you the next day. It's about fostering real relationships with people who can help build your business, or whom you can help build theirs. So how do we make that happen…

You are greeted and introduced as you arrive. Nothing worse than being the last new arrival trying to break into somebody's conversation

We interrupt proceedings throughout the evening. Gives you a chance to connect with other people and with exhibitors. No need to be stuck with the same person for 45 minutes

There is always a great mix of people. Some have been to lots of our functions, but generally 50% of attendees are there for the first time. That means there is always somebody new to meet for everybody.

You meet real, serious business owners, executives and specialists. The list of titles below is real, we just removed the duplicates. From one single event. As we ask people to connect and share, instead of to sell, you will see that really genuine people show up.



At each event we have a short presentation. To give you new ideas on how to improve your business, collaborate, cut costs, get funded, grow sales and more. Each time the focus is on something you can bring back to your office and implement right away.


Who will you meet?

Well, we can't guarantee exactly who will be in the room, but we can tell you who normally shows up (this list is a condensed list of the titles of people who showed up at a previous Business Connector event, copied from Eventbrite):


Creative Director

Owner & Head Copywriter


Financial Controller

Project Engineer

Principal Lawyer

Managing Director

General Manager

Garden Designer


Executive Producer




Business Writer

Principal Strategist

Business Performance Strategist





Business facilitator

Internet Marketing Consultant

Social Media Specialist


Executive Assistant

Regional Manager



Business Manager

Operations Manager

Managing Director



Principal Consultant

Facilities Manager


Marketing Consultant

Director – Corporate Training


Lawyer, Consultant & Business Adviser

Brand Designer


Senior Graphic Designer & Brand Manager

Peak Performance Executive


Small Business Specialist

Business Banking Manager

Investment Adviser

Senior Consultant

Business Advisor

Business Coach



NB please help us by processing payment in advance here. If you choose to turn up without booking, you may not get in as you will not have a name tag and the fee will be higher at .



Terri Purchase • I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in meeting a great & varied group of people who are serious about their business join this group. I went to the event that Hugh & Mike ran last Tuesday night (my first) & it was the most slick networking event I have ever been to. I moved to Sydney from Los Angeles & have been to a couple of networking events since I have been here but their event was by far the best. What makes what they do so great (both the events & this group), the wonderful mix of people, the structure that Hugh & Mike create for the live events & they appear to me to be about: being informative, facilitating great networking/conversations, injecting humor where appropriate & most importantly encouraging people to engage so that we can all learn off each other. I love assisting in connecting people who can benefit each other & they are all about this also. I look forward to participating in some of the discussions on here & meeting others who are passionate about create amazing businesses, at future events.








What is the refund policy?

You can cancel your booking up to 5 days before an event and your ticket will be fully refunded. As this is the normal cut-off for organising catering and other event details, no refunds are possible after that point. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You can bring your printed ticket or install the Eventbrite app on your smartphone. We love paperless!

What's the dress code? 

Business casual is normal – most people come straight from work so whatever you wear professionally is fine.

Should I bring business cards? 

Are you serious? If you don't have something to share so that people can contact you again, why bother making connections in the first place? 🙂

When should I arrive? 

If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start you will probably miss our introduction and our explanation of how our events run, so please try to be prompt.

Any other tips?

Arrive early, welcome people arriving later, be honest and open, be prepared to ask for help with your business.

at CAAA, Level 11
117 Clarence St
Sydney, Australia

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