The Tek 0039: Linux is Taking Over the World

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to The Tek 0039: Linux is Taking Over the World

  1. cip315 says:

    I thought you said Linus………….

  2. exwhyz33 says:

    Dear razethew0rld, any thoughts on the proposed Ubuntu mobile demoed by Shuttleworth recently ?

  3. rykrodflo says:

    PUNishment haha cool

  4. Adam Love says:

    logan, i tried to buy a logo shirt but you don’t have my size

  5. Udderman0 says:

    yeah. hes buzzed. that its some serious shit

  6. Ewbuntu says:

    YOU CAN HIS PENIS @ 0:37 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shoteen95 says:

    There had better be some Baileys in that coffee.

  8. Hans Schroder says:

    I call my toilet Steambox.

  9. Fokos123 says:

    That piracy thing website is broken. It says I have downloaded a TS movie, but I never watch shitty quality TS copies..

  10. FlasHard3 says:

    Walking Dead,best game this year!

  11. Ben Peda says:

    YOTLD general, go!

  12. aannddrroommaann says:

    vsauce any day!!!

  13. aannddrroommaann says:

    seriously … you called vsauce crap … apologize or i’ll unsubscribe :(

  14. Bender4411 says:

    I want one of those shirts, but I’m a broke college student.

  15. Ben Arne Berntsen says:

    Kinda slow to reply, but it’s basically a Sapphire Radeon 7950 with a A-10-5800k 3,8Ghz quad core, 8 gigs of ram. 1TB HDD etc. Pretty sweet, but sadly I bought a MB that supports only 2GB GPU memory, so I had to get a new one :p

  16. Shane Burke says:

    i love your t-shirt!!!! BDM ftw!!

  17. ex3vious says:

    why do you dislike rand paul for endorsing Romney?

  18. Faiz0rr says:

    I thought he was just looking at how awesome that rig was then i realised that there was a monitor behind it lol.

  19. Notmy Realname says:

    make sure to book mark, googling or youtubing the tek won’t find these guys for you. I was trying to find this show for a while after being impressed with a few videos with no success (until now thx 2 r&^$%t).

  20. hacker16041600 says:

    EAS is patent licensed not CAL or per user based. Google dropping EAS support has absolutely nothing to do with money, it is to do with competition.

  21. inuysha360 says:

    does anyone remember logan’s old tiger vids? he has a few videos of him going crazy with coffee. damn subtle foreshadowing.

  22. hUGBLUGHUGBLHUGHUG bluhghugublhugh says:

    i LIke the tek

  23. Mike Houchens says:

    WHO?! I lost it after that. This was by far the best Tek.

  24. Quaaay says:

    The thumbnail for this vid is the first in like three months to feature Logan not facepalming haha.

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