The Tek 0046: Science, Cispa, and System Shock 2

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15 Responses to The Tek 0046: Science, Cispa, and System Shock 2

  1. Ram Berto says:

    System Shock 2 Now on Steam :) 30% Sale $6.99

  2. Aberran Fox says:

    I am not even in IT and I still have to listen to morons with money

  3. brandon mcevoy says:

    i agree ^^^  WTF

  4. SmartFool24 says:

    Cross the streams? Ghostbusters?

  5. Roxor128 says:

    Adobe isn’t the only company which overcharges Australian customers. The big-name game publishers charge us $20 more than US customers.

  6. zegatorian says:

    Guys, i just want to point out at the 11:50 part, its not “about one-point-something million dollars”, its actually over 5.5 million dollars. Which makes the whole thing even scarier.

  7. simdude2u says:

    UTOPIA Utah has the same upload/download speeds for actually cheeper than major ISPs

  8. andrewgrp36OveR says:

    Relax, the whole discussion has been ended for quite a while however, I stand by my opinion that without Steve Jobs (although an asshole in working environment) and Apple (with its anti-competitive practices) we wouldn’t have smartphones as they are today, more like what Blackberry was, no anodized aluminum, no high res displays and no real competition like we have in this era. Whether you like it or not is not my issue, as for corporations, M$ is taking away personalizations w/ every release.

  9. jeff1231233 says:

    pretty sure Samsung is dominating by a long shot with asus behind.

  10. jeff1231233 says:

    your information could not be more wrong samsung>asus>everything else> apple. you’ve been duped pal sorry. look into the slavery in china by apple. they have suicide nets around the factory’s lol keep enjoying your sweat shop goods. i dont like a corporation telling me what i like. so apple can go to hell.

  11. jeff1231233 says:

    C-net was one of the leaders in downloading yet they are against torrents.

  12. jeff1231233 says:

    the other site is probly government or corporation owned. not saying tpb isnt cause it very well could be run by goolge. how would we know.

  13. Model110SASS says:

    Yes!!! I’ve got Linux!

  14. Mark Whitfield says:

    Recommended documentary ‘The Pirate Bay AFK’. I can’t believe TPB is taking action against a copy/duplicate of it’s own site. TPB endorse the sharing of information, making another site to do the same gives others the opportunity (who ISP has blocked to share info which is why TPB was set up (see documentary).

  15. Qzyxya says:


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