The Terrifying Promise of Robot Bugs

The Terrifying Promise of Robot Bugs

Imitating nature to build a better (or possibly more terrifying) future. We’ve been trying to build flapping-wing robots for hundreds of years, and now, orni…

24 thoughts on “The Terrifying Promise of Robot Bugs

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  2. “God was there before God” is meaningless. Only a retard would look at a sentence like that and say “Oh well, guess I don’t understand”. It’s simply wrong…

  3. Science can potentially answer everything, because that’s the very definition of science (I say potentially because we will never discover everything). If not, then the question was meaningless to begin with. Your purpose on the earth is actually answerable by the way. It takes some study of psychology and biology, but the purpose of a human isn’t that complex at all.

  4. I think that before the universe there was nothing, because with the big bang the time started, so, it’s irrelevant to ask “what were there before the universe?” because there is no such thing as “before” the universe =)) (sorry for my english)

  5. your purpose in life is whatever you want to do.. if you find yourself unhappy then that is not what you are supposed to be doing.. emotions are the human compass giving you direction to where you belong

  6. The universe was there before the universe. It is not comprehensible, and we are not meant to understand it. There is still no need for a God to be around.

  7. Yeah because humans are so lazy to help people at the hospital, i dont think we need robots at all. They can be useful, but also very dangerous, And people will be to lazy to do anything because the robot is doing it for them.

  8. Hank tell us about boy and his atom… Particularly what the circles are around each atom!!! I want to learn more 🙂 keep teaching me!

  9. Advances in science made it possible to cover much more questions that philosophy used to tackle, and I definitely find them more accurate. But some topics require philosophy by their nature, like morals, humans purpose, and the scientific method itself! And don’t forget that for most part, both philosophy and science don’t give absolute answers, but science has instruments that make somewhat accurate measurements unlike the very erroneous human mind.

  10. piezoelectric crystals also work in reverse, electricity can create physical change. In tennis rackets they’ve made them so the pressure of the racket hitting the ball is converted to electricity and transferred to a chip and then goes back into the racket, in the blink of an eye, the racket then moves back into place with more force so the ball is pushed back even faster. Oh and since I wouldn’t mind having this be a top comment ROBOT BUGS CAN LOOK IN GIRLS WINDOWS HEHEHEHE!!

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