The Three Best Business VoIP Telephone Service Providers Announced by

(PRWEB) November 01, 2013

Operating a small business comes with big responsibilities. Keeping track of employees, clients, and overhead requires a business owner to wear many hats, and the last thing they should have to worry about is the office communications system. The traditional copper landline system is outdated, expensive, and inefficient. Thats why thousands of US businesses each year are switching over to the cheap, no-hassle alternative of Voice over Internet Protocol, or simply, VoIP. The next-generation office telephone system can not only eliminate the cost of an in-house Private Branch Exchange (PBX), but the basic service plans come with that would ordinarily require deep pockets and a good degree of technical expertise. To make the process of choosing a business VoIP telephone service provider easier, the telecom experts at have sifted through the service plans, prices, and customer reviews of the nations best VoIP service providers to announce their list of the Three Best Business VoIP Telephone Service Providers.

1. Jive Communications

Jive small business plans unlock the potential in any sized business venture with enterprise-class features and service that start at $ 19.95/month. Just because a company is starting small doesnt mean that they need to look that way. Impress clients with ultra-professional features like virtual attendant, custom music and messaging, and never miss important calls with advanced call-forwarding and distribution capability. Meanwhile, the work of maintaining the PBX system is performed by Jive technical specialists, off-site. Jive also offers unlimited long-distance calling in the US and Canada, pay-as-you-go contracts, and US-based technical service and support.

2. MDS Amiba

MDS, Amiba, inc. is a leading SMB VoIP service provider with more than a half million small business clients and growing. MDS offers start-up package deals for 8 users or more, at less than $ 20/user per month. Their unified communications solutions are available as smartphone applications, laptop, and desktop applications. With their trademark software, any smartphone instantly becomes a CRM, giving the user the ability to track, manage, and direct calls anywhere and access vital database information

The MDS Amiba proprietary software, Opera Communicator, can store CRM data in the cloud so an employee can access their client information and calendar with the touch of a button. The Advanced Virtual-Attendant fields calls from clients and directs them to pre-determined numbers and/or the appropriate department or extension. All mobile extensions can be altered from an easy-to-use web portal for optimal mobility, and scalability.


Vocalocity is currently offering one of two incentives for new customers to choose from: A high definition Internet Protocol (IP) phone, or, an additional month of basic service at no cost. That offer can be used on top of the low-cost monthly plan for SMB service starting at $ 19.95/month per user with unlimited calling anywhere in the US and Canada,. International rates start at just 2 cents per minute. That translates to an hour long conversation with a business associate in Beijing, Brazil, or Barcelona for under a Euro. All of the sophisticated features of the business plan come with basic service like call waiting, 3-way calls, custom music and messages and dozens more. Above and beyond the basics,customers can expect to wow their clients with ultra-professional features like Virtual Secretary call forwarding, Customer Relations Management (CRM) integration, and multi-party video-conferencing.

Running a small business requires that the owner become an accountant, a workforce manager and a public relations representative. Luckily, It doesn’t mean that they have to be a phone company, too. With US-based customer service and tech support, inexpensive monthly rates, and loads of empowering features to offer, these SMB VoIP telephone providers are valuable partners when it comes to running and growing a company. Contact a business VoIP service provider to see how much small business can benefit from the latest technology at the lowest cost.

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