The Top Ten Most Visited Websites In The World

The top ten most visited websites in the world as of May 10, 2009 (based on SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
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13 Responses to The Top Ten Most Visited Websites In The World

  1. ahadkhanahmedzai says:

    i checked my website statistics. google was the most visited website by me coz it is the world’s biggest hacker. 😛

  2. DemwOriginal says:

    Yeah but of course that’s only according to Australia’s statistics.I’m surprised Myspace is there.

  3. frozeneagle20 says:

    thumbs up if u know that google was #1 and YouTube was in here somewhere

  4. BenandJayfilmz34 says:


  5. Lilg36O says:

    thumps up for youtube

  6. youritarded says:

    10 facts abut you: 1. You are reading this comment 2.You are realizing that is a stupid fact didn’t notice I skipped three.5 You’re checking now 6. You’re smiling 7.You are still reading my comment 9 You didn’t realize I skipped eight 10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. 11. You are enjoying this 12. You didnt realize there are only supposed to be ten facts. post this to one video and tomorrow will be the best day

  7. 3022bestGamez says:

    everyone knew who was on 1st place even before the vid started

  8. rexatron says:


  9. gamelink99 says:

    1 Pornhub 2 Redtube 3 Sex tube 

  10. rock2metal666 says:

    how are they bastards? when you search for something u either google or yahoo it, u r seriously a hypocrite

  11. rock2metal666 says:

    finally someone who commented something with sense

  12. MrHiphopbeatz says:


  13. Natalie Burgif says:

    mi Am A agree with you i think Google is the best Right Who Agreee with me ?!!!!!:D

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