The Truth About ReachLocal Reviews

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 24, 2013

ReachLocal have worked with hundreds of local businesses worldwide. And we have helped them grow their business by getting more customers. But dont just take our word for it, listen to our customers first-hand to understand the truth about ReachLocal Reviews.

Ingrid from Clayfield Jewellery in QLD has been a ReachLocal client since 2011. Before they started using ReachLocal advertising, they were utilising their advertising budget on magazines and letter-box drops. But as competition grew, they needed to find a more cost effective way to reach more customers. The answer was ReachLocal. Ingrid saw an increase in customers flourish through the door, as they were able to connect with more clients throughout the state using a variety of digital marketing methods.

Similarly, Adrian from St.George Motor club in NSW commenced online marketing activities with ReachLocal in 2011. Prior to commencement, their website had a lot of visits, but despite the large traffic, Adrian didnt see a tangible return on their investment. After enlisting ReachLocals services, Adrian saw their web presence enhance, which resulted in their leads actually turning into sales and a 400% return on their advertising investment.

Across the state, Tim from RC Hobbies had been advertising with ReachLocal since 2008 and were experiencing rapid growth in their business. Through their commitment to digital marketing, they have been able to expand their business nation-wide. It couldnt have happened without the help of ReachLocal, Tim added.

Meanwhile, Charles from Cleargard Australia in SA echoes the same review. Since using ReachLocal in 2011, Charles has seen better quality leads and a reliable source of income every month, which comes from the sales and inquiries generated by the campaigns. Most importantly, they are qualified leads from clients who are genuinely interested in purchasing a product and engaging in their services.

Robyn from Advance Laser Effect in Newcastle has seen great value in their ReachLocal investment since 2012. Not only are these results transparent through the amount of customers walking in the door but clearly evident from the reports accessible online. The campaign reports that can be accessed 24/7 provide Robyn with data on whats working and whats not, so that she can make the educated decision on what marketing to focus on, what to cull and what to keep.

It can be seen that there is a general trend of business growth and success among the local businesses featured in this review. These are just some examples of how weve helped local businesses get more customers using a variety of online marketing solutions.

The truth is, reviews are often biased. It depends on the particular individual, their expectations, their business goals, respective industry and so on. But the one element that cant be mistaken for anything else but the truth is result. Results speak for themselves ReachLocal helps local businesses grow.

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