The Upsetting Ethnic Taxonomy of Russia's Richest Businessmen

The Upsetting Ethnic Taxonomy of Russia's Richest Businessmen
One of Russia's most popular news websites, the once vaunted, finds itself at the center of a scandal today, after publishing an ethnic breakdown of Russia's 200 richest people. According to the study, 44.5 percent of Russia's wealthiest …
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LeapFrog's Newest And Highest Performing Five-Inch Learning Tablet
The TTPM People's Play Awards recognize the hottest and most popular toys of the holiday season across 21 product categories. Every product on the People's Play awards ballot is carefully reviewed and selected by the TTPM editorial team of industry …
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Netizen Report: U.K. Companies Vow to Censor “Terrorist” Websites
It is unclear what criteria will be used to determine whether websites should be blocked. Reports will be assessed by the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit, a special division of the … The blacklist would have hefty technological costs …
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