The USA Yet Another Extraordinary Educational Mobile App for iPad, Launched by Dev IT Solutions and It is Available For Download on iTunes App Store

(PRWEB) April 23, 2013

The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world in todays time. Many people from various countries around the globe want to migrate to this great nation in search of a better and productive life. Most of the people who migrate to the USA do not know much about it except that there are many opportunities throughout the country to establish a successful life there. Even the people who are born and brought up in the USA do not know everything about this country. Dev IT Solutions understands that every person living in the USA or willing to migrate to the USA needs to know about the country and to provide them with complete information. This app The USA has been launched by the company. As of now, this app is available on iTunes for iPad only but the company will soon launch this amazing Educational Mobile App on other platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows.

The USA App for iPad gives you all related information about States of America with a lot of fun. The App helps you get acquainted with all the States of this Great Nation. Beginning from discovery of the state till the formation of the country, from area of the state (in square miles) till the flag of the state and from the bird of the state till the nickname of the state, this app has every detail you might want to know about this country.

Below are the key features of this significant application for iPad The USA


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