The Voice Of Eco-Conscious Consumers Speaks Volumes with Recent Organic Furniture Trends

San Francisco, Ca (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

Americas largest organic futon mattress retailer and manufacturer, The Futon Shop, paves the green path when it comes to organic furniture. This April The Futon Shops new line of Rejuvenating mattresses sets the stage for a better nights sleep.

This April The Futon Shop adds another organic futon collection to their premium quality of chemical free mattresses line: The Rejuvenating Mattresses Collection. The Futon Shops new collection of Organic mattresses represents the high demand of Organic furniture. According to The Herald Tribunes March 1st issue, A New Trend: Furniture Thats Organic, Barbara Haumann, the Organic Trade Association spokesman is quoted saying that a rise in organic fiber sales over the last few years reflect the high consumer demand for chemical-free furniture, bedding, and mattresses.

Also, on March 14 released a news article titled, The New Business Of Sleep And What It Means For Every Consumer where Martin Rawls-Meehan, President and founder of Reverie Sleep Systems, says within the few last years has brought a new generation of both elite athletes and Average Joes who want products to help them perform better. Everyone is looking for a better night sleep and that is a simple fact. But the demand from athletes has fueled the research and development of better quality mattresses for the consumer, especially in the organic bedding market.

The Futon Shops organic mattresses come in many different versions, but the most important product they care about while developing each and every chemical free futon mattress is the element of the futon mattress staying toxic free, as well as each organic futon mattress completely pesticide free. The Phiten Futon Mattress collection, has all the best ingredients from their organic ingredients list. There are three options to choose from: Find, Empower, and Renew.

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