“The Walking Dead” Minecraft Custom Map #1

The Walking Dead + Minecraft = AWESOMENESS! Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP6oLcWGB78 SUBSCRIBE for more MInecraft http://tinyurl.com/SUB2GOAT GOAT…

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21 Responses to “The Walking Dead” Minecraft Custom Map #1

  1. kmgarringer26 says:

    i rock out on this map so fun!!

  2. 000ReptileMaster000 says:

    Your shots aren’t one shot kills because you have the settings on hard

  3. Galactic Hammer says:


  4. Mason Reese says:

    take all the swords due

  5. Mason Reese says:

    rick rocks your awesome y

  6. XiiToxiiiicTrollliiX says:

    He IS Whiteboy7thst. Stupid Fag.

  7. zacman587 says:

    Rick And Daryl :)

  8. Dakota Martin says:

    if the map maker is refering to the game on this,he got the story SO wrong.

  9. JltnStudios says:

    Negan Is my favorite character from the comic books but from the show my favorite is Michonne, for now.

  10. Jaydon gonzalo says:

    rick, carl,daryl

  11. bestravis says:

    mine is rick carl

  12. Jake M says:

    What does he use to record?

  13. BloCker9001 says:

    Carl and Daryl

  14. electsteveallen says:

    your stupid he is whiteboy7thst

  15. MikeThe ProGamerHD says:

    You look Like WhiteBoy7st

  16. Nicholas Gaertner says:

    Glenn and Rick

  17. Jordan Laufer says:


  18. Thompson D. says:

    @TH3HDGAMERZz IKR. That was so dumb. Lolz

  19. jeffrey howell says:


  20. Dakota Camp says:

    Daryl Dixon 

  21. scooter5ify says:

    link of map

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