The WAN Show – Valve, You Suck Right Now & Google a Carrier?? – April 24, 2015

The WAN Show - Valve, You Suck Right Now & Google a Carrier?? - April 24, 2015 Sponsors! Link: for a 10 day free trial Squarespace:…

14 thoughts on “The WAN Show – Valve, You Suck Right Now & Google a Carrier?? – April 24, 2015

  1. I know you wont read this +LinusTechTips +Luke Lafreniere +Luke Lafreniere As a Norwegian, I should mention that they’re not actually removing the FM antennas. They will still be there for Emergency Broadcasts. Also, almost everyone here own DAB radios, and most people replace their car head units to have DAB. We are early adopters, most people change their phone every year, new laptops every year etc. And, there’s only like 6-7 FM channels that cover all of Norway, and all of them are boring or pop crap, with DAB. There’s actual choice of a lot of types of radio. There’s also pretty much 100% coverage of what FM already covered.

  2. Shall i build this ? Btw the case is a bitfenix BFC-NEO-100-KKWSB-RP I couldn’t find it there

  3. 4K is pointless. Almost nobody has a 4K monitor, the ones who do have one usually don’t have the internet to stream 4K, and the ones who have both are usually fine with 1080p anyways. 60fps would benefit everyone and cost less to make than 4K.

  4. In terms of steam requiring a five dollar purchase before allowing most community features… It does NOT restrict other users from adding your free account. At least that is my experience when my Nephew made his brand new account yesterday, I sent him a request and then we were friends on steam. Can anyone else validate this with their own recent experiences or a friend’s experience?

  5. I will donate 25 dollars a year to a mod I really love. I will not pay 10 cents to play a mod of any kind, especially if I know the author only gets 25% of it. Steam Workshop prices don’t need to be removed, they just need to be donation based instead of a purchaseable piece of DLC that Bethesda isn’t responsible for and may or may not even work.

  6. The Skyrim Nexus and Loverslab are far more popular than valve’s workshop anyway. Donations to mod authors and other content creators on there have always been a thing. And the best mod authors usually are well respected anyway. There is still opportunity for anyone to succeed in modding skyrim at least, and with GTA V being released on PC donations and paid for mods are likely to rise, though I believe mods like Falskaar ( will be the sort of mods that could get away with being monetized.

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